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How to Tie Your Own Salmon Trolling Flies for Salmon Fishing

Learn how to tie your very own salmon trolling flies for the Great Lakes! Please consider liking and subscribing if you enjoy the video.

How to Tie Your Own Salmon Trolling Flies/Part 2

Here it is everyone. The follow up video to our first video explaining how to tie your own trolling flies. In this video we go over some of the things we've learned from tying trolling flies for years. We have no doubt that these little tips will help you make your own custom trolling flies and putting more fish in your boat

Make your own Custom Lake Trout Gear

Learn how to make your own custom lake trout gear for the Great Lakes and beyond.

Unlock the Mysteries of the Peanut Fly

Learn how to tie your own Peanut Flies for Lake Trout and Salmon. It's much easier than you think.

Fundamental Fishing/Make your own Custom Meat Rigs/Salmon Fishing

Make your own custom meat rigs starting with your own teasers to the full construction. Check out our channel for the instructional video for making your own salmon flies. And for all your fly tying needs check out Purple Taco Fly supply and check out Dreamweaver Lures for other components and other amazing products.

Fundamental Fishing/Custom Salmon Meat Rigs Part II

Finish up your custom meat rigs with these easy-to-follow steps which give you the ability to interchange different meat heads with different teaser rigs. We use Dreamweaver premium cut bait strips with all our meat rigs. The Dreamweaver DS4 swivel is the perfect size to use on the meat head section itself, while the Dreamweaver DS6 is the best size for the leading end on the teaser rig.

Tournament Rigging Trolling Flies-Catch More Fish

Here is a video demonstrating how we tournament rig our salmon trolling flies. Check out our other videos on how to tie your own salmon flies and easy to tie "fly recipes" that you can make at home.