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Acme Little Cleo C140GL/GLFD 1/4oz

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Second only to the news that salmon and steelhead were tearing up tackle in the Great Lakes was the discovery that Little Cleos were the surest way to catch them. To anglers in the know, that wasn't really news. For over 30 years Little Cleos have been taking limit catches of gamefish throughout North America. The unique hump-backed shape of Little Cleo results in a seductive, wiggling action as the lure is dragged through the water. The illusion created is one of a fat baitfish, acting in an erratic, confused manner. This odd behavior triggers the predatory nature of the gamefish, who strike our of curiosity and anger, as well as hunger. This three-way hook appeals to them every time, and explains Little Cleo's fantastic success-it's famous countrywide as the one lure that takes all gamefish.