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K.O. Wobbler S680 3/4 oz GFS

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For more than 3 decades, the Acme® Little Cleo® Spoon has taken game fish all over North America. A unique hump-backed shape delivers a seductive, wiggling action as the lure is retrieved. This creates the illusion of a fat baitfish acting in an erratic, confused manner. When game fish observe this behavior, it triggers a predatory response. In addition to hunger, fish strike out of curiosity and anger. In other words, Little Cleo catches fish 3 ways!

  • Unique, hump-backed shape
  • Seductive wiggling action
  • Emulates a fat baitfish displaying erratic behavior
  • Fish strike out of hunger, curiosity, and anger
  • C230
  • 2/3oz
  • 18.9g