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Pro "A-Bomb" Salmon Pack: May 2024

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Combination of all of Chris's favorites into one bundle including:


Dreamweaver Super Slim Spoons:

SS1976 SG Half A-Bomb

SS1968 SG A-Bomb

SS0198DUV Captain Gary Michigan Dolphin

SS1104DUV Blue Dolphin


Moonshine Spoons:

Raspberry Carbon Magnum

Green Jeans Magnum

Blue Jeans Magnum


Dreamweaver Action Flies:

AF60029 Pickled Sunshine


KRW Flies:

Riverside TF134

Money Shot TF162

HT Blue Green Dolphin TF145


Dreamweaver Spindoctor 8" :

SD70950-8 Dragon Slayer

SD70001-8 White Double Crush Glow

SD70015-8 Black Double Pearl

SD70022-8 White Double Pearl


This package includes 15 tried and true salmon lures that just catch fish.