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.30-06 Outdoors Rail Snot Crossbow Rail Lube 1oz Tube RS-10

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30-06 Outdoors is a leader in supplying the serious hunter with high quality archery equipment. Their mission is to bring you unique and innovative products to ensure your next hunt is a smashing success! If you're ready to fill your frezzer this year, 30-06 is here to make sure you do!

Rail Snot is High Performance crossbow rail lube that is specifically engineered to improve the performance of your equipment. This premier high performance blend is essential and critical to your success! Rail Snot is a unique and precise blend of lubrication that increases speed and provides excellent protection prolonging the life of your string serving. Start using Rail Snot and see what a premium high performance crossbow rail lube can do for you!

Specifications and Features:
.30-06 Outdoors Rail Snot RS-10
Crossbow Rail Lube
Increases Bow Speed
Prolongs the life of string serving
Easy to Apply
1 Ounce Squeeze Tube