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Howie’s Tackle Copper Line

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For the salmon or walleye troller who wants to get deep, fast, Howie’s Tackle Copper Line is the way to go. Its thin diameter gives you a line that drops quickly, cuts through current and thermal barriers, and can get twice as deep as the same length of leadcore. Even better, you can troll copper wire at higher speeds without sacrificing depth. Flexible and kink-resistant, this 7-strand copper braid lets keep your line out to a minimum, for maximum control and quick resets. Fill the spool, or use segmented top-shots as you would with leadcore. Compatible with planer boards.

• Test: 45lb
• Allows you to troll deeper and faster
• Soft 7-strand copper braid
• Drops quickly through current and thermal barriers
• Fishes twice as deep as leadcore
• Flexible and kink-resistant
• Compatible with planer boards