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NOVA Wacker 3.5” Deep Diving Stick Bait

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Nova Whacker 3.5" Deep Diving Stick Baits


11 Grams

2 internal Rattles

2X Hooks

Factory Tuned

Hand Painted


After years of fishing stick baits for Salmon, we noticed one common flaw, the baits broke.  The hard fighting Salmon were just to much for the standard stick bait, sometimes breaking the bait in half.  We have re-designed the 3.5” deep diving stick bait with a full wire design to fix this flaw, resulting in more fish landed. We call this stick bait the “Whacker”.  We also added two rattles to the bait, which will attract predatory fish.  Along with the rattles, the bait is heavier than most common 3.5” baits, making it easier to cast further.  The Nova Tackle 3.5” Deep Diving Stick Baits is a perfect choice for trolling for Walleye, Salmon, Steelhead and other species up to 18ft of water, as well as casting and retrieving.  At 11 grams, this lure casts better and further than other lures this size.  It is a great multi-species bait and can be used for any type of cast and retrieve fishing application.