It all started in 2008 with a hot tuna bite, a brutal hangover, a crazy Mexican first-mate, and a spool of fluorocarbon the coast of Baja, Mexico. The rest is history, but the group of fishermen from Michigan decided it was time to do tackle the right us and specifically for us.
Fast forward years later and Blood Run Fishing has become one of the most highly regarded fishing brands in North America. The philosophy has always been the same, use the best tackle and equipment in the right place at the right time and good things will happen. Put the best tackle and equipment into the hands of others in the right place at the right time.. and good things will also happen.
Our story has just begun, and it is further continued by thousands of diehards just like us each and every day. Waking up at the crack, staying out late, freezing, over heating, bleeding, walking for miles, countless hours of boat maintenance, tens of thousands of dollars, days and days away from our families...
People think we are crazy, but our customers understand....and that is all that matters. Our story is your story, so thank you for helping write it each and every day you hit the water.
Tight lines from all of us at Blood Run Fishing....the supporting cast to your fishing story!

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