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Mason Down Under Soft STainless Steel DU-30 30lbtest 300 feet

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  • Once your stainless steel wire trace has a kink in it, it’s pretty well done for. Mason Downunder fishing wire trace is kink resistant so there is less chance of getting the kink in the first place.
  • The wire is soft enough to work with easily, yet super strong for handling fish with sharp teeth.
  • Brilliant for trolling.
  • One 30ft length allows you to cut trace to the size that suits your applications.
  • Provides far more flexibility for the angler to use preferred joins over prefab wire trace.

Mason Downunder single strand stainless steel wire trace is perfect for when you have an expectation of toothy predators joining the party. Don’t lose good fish to teeth, demand Mason Downunder single strand trolling wire for your fishing needs. Purchase a hank today.