Shark Tooth Maxima Line Control 2.5 3pk

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Fits 3" to 6" Spools

Line Control Management System 

Line Cutter Line Keeper

The Sharktooth Tippet Tenders are a line management system that keeps your tippet secure and at the ready. A welcome accessory, especially for those of us who use and fish Maxima products.

With its patented, integrated razor blade, the Sharktooth Line Management System is an innovative fishing line keeper tool no angler should be without. Keep all your line spools organized and accessible without tangles or loose ends. Sharktooth line cutters are quick and easy to place on spools and cut the exact length of line you need.

* Fast and easy to use
* Stainless steel razor cutter: rust-proof, saltwater-proof
* Cuts mono and fluorocarbon up to 50lbs
* Unclutter the tacklebox and save on wasted materials
* High-memory elastic
* Field tested by professional anglers (and endorsed by those of us who use Maxima)
* Re-useable

To use the Sharktooth fishing line keeper:

1. Feed line through the eyelet
2. Slip band around spool
3. Pull line through to desired length
4. Wrap line around "Shark Tooth" blade
5. Apply thumb pressure
6. Pull back to cut

Sharktooth line cutters are available in 3 sizes to fit most spools:

#1.75- 1 3/4" - 3 1/2" - fits most standard narrow tippet spools like Orvis Superstrong, Rio Powerflex, SA Absolute and the like.

#2.5- 2 1/2" - 4 1/2"- fits Maxima Chameleon, Ultragreen and Clear as well as larger diameters of Orvis and Rio. Fits tight.

#3.0- 3"-6"- also fits Maxima but a bit more loose (thus easier to pull line off spool) as well as larger spools like Rio Saltwater and Rio Fluoroflex Saltwater

Any questions on proper sizing for your brand, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Sharktooth Line Keepers come 3 line cutters/tenders per pack.