It's Getting There....

It's Getting There....

Happy June lull everyone.

Well at least for everyone that's not living in parts of Wisconsin. 

For those of you living across the pond from us poor Michigan residents I've heard of some amazing catches coming from the southern and mid sections of your state.  Don't take this a jealousy, but I'm thoroughly jealous. 

But without a doubt the summer salmon explosion is realistically right around the corner.  Screaming divers, popping downriggers and reels getting spooled is within our grasp, so now is the time to make sure you're truly prepared. 

Now is the time to double check your knots and your leaders and make sure they're ready for the punishment that's coming.  Now is the time to get the meat rigs ready, sharpen the hooks on your spoons and make sure the flashers are flashing. 

From what I've seen come across some of the scales already this year my spidey senses are telling me we are in for some big fish this year.  I'm talking line stretching, mouth dropping, net filling monsters. 

Time to make some room on the wall right next to that dusty bluegill you caught when you were 7 years old. 

Recently I've posted some videos on our YouTube channel (Tangled Tackle Fishing) covering everything from must have spoons, flies and spin doctors, as well as how to optimize a small boat spread and four reasons you may not be catching more fish.  I'll post one of those videos on this blog.  Take a moment to check it out and the rest of our videos.  We feel they will help you put more, and bigger fish in the boat. 

We'll also have some upcoming videos filled with more content that's exactly what the salmon crazed connoisseur in you is craving.

Tangled Tackle is filled with all the gear you need at great prices so take a second to look around and get those last minute must haves you must have. 

Good luck out there everyone and I'll see you at the weigh ins,