Product Features and How to Tips

New Dreamweaver "Ninja" Planer Board-Unboxing, Assembling and Testing

In this video we take a first look at the new Dreamweaver Ninja Planer board. We take a moment to unbox, assemble and test it, and throw in our initial assessment. In an upcoming video we will take it out on the water to see how it handles heavy coppers and cores, braid, and anything else we can throw at it.

Dreamweaver Lures New Spin Doctors and Spoons for 2019

A look at Dreamweaver's new Spin Doctors and spoons for 2019, and we go over some of the meat rigs and trolling flies that we'll be using with them this year.

Salmon Tackle Storage Solutions/Cheap and Easy

A quick video showing cheap and easy ways to store your flasher/fly combos, and meat rigs. If you like what you see please consider liking the video and subscribing. Trust me, it's virtually painless.

BIG JON Sports-Everything you Want to Know-Boat Rigging-Downriggers-Rod Holders-and More

Everything you could want to know about BIG JON SPORTS directly from their facility. In this video we go direct with Big Jon Shop Manager, Kevin Gaylord, and talk about the following things in order.

  1. The company’s history.
  2. Downriggers and their operation, electric and manual, power supply, wire vs. braid etc.
  3. Rod trees and custom set ups
  4. Rod holders for dipsy divers and trolling set ups, custom rigging etc.
  5. Planer board masts (manual and electric)
  6. Boat rigging, customer service and contact information.
  7. Custom spoons, apparel and MUCH MORE!

If you have any questions reach out to these great people on their website, or the numbers listed below. They are there to help you get your boat outfitted exactly to your specifications.

Big Jon Sports “Track System” Installation

Please "like" and SUBSCRIBE. We wanted to show everyone how quick and easy it is to install a new Big Jon Sports track system with ratcheting diver holders and the multi-axis rod holder. These things are tough and well-made right here in America. Northern Michigan to be precise. If you are thinking of rigging up a new boat or putting new equipment on the existing boat give these guys a call and take a look at what they have to offer.