Tackle Tips and Equipment Maintenance

How to Spool a Reel with Copper Line for Salmon Fishing

Today we show you how to spool a reel for salmon fishing using 45-pound copper line. This technique works with any copper line, any backer, and any leader. We hope you enjoy and make sure to subscribe and turn on the notifications, so you don't miss anything.

How to Spool a Reel with Lead Core / Willis Knot / Double Uni Knot and Palomar Knots Explained

We will show you how to use a reel fill calculator and spool your own reel with standard and micro lead core. We also show you how to tie the Willis Knot, the Double Uni Knot and the Palomar Knot which are essential knots for all fishing applications.

Choosing the Right Line for Salmon/Fundamental Fishing

Let's look at which line, and what line is appropriate for your SALMON and TROUT set ups. Leave a comment on what works for you.

Salmon Reels Explained/Fundamental Fishing

In this video we cover essentials that you need to know to unlock the potential of your level wind reels for the Great Lakes and beyond. Please like and subscribe and don't forget to leave a comment.

Got Salmon Reels? Part 2....

A quick look at how we can help you out with getting your hands on the best salmon and trout reels and rods custom made the way you want them.

How the Pro’s Rig their Boats/Equipment/Electronics/Overview-Riverside Charters

Let's take a look in this video at Riverside Charters which is one of the most successful and respected charter boats in the port of Manistee. We'll take a look at the layout, equipment and some of the small things that make this such a popular and productive charter boat year after year.

Wire Line to Swivel Knot

Learn how to connect your swivels to your wire dispy line. Strong and easy!

If you're interested in booking a charter with Capt. Paul give him a call at 231-723-4901 or check him out on the web at Riversidecharters.com

And I know someone is going to ask me what was in the Crown Royal bag. It was fly bodies. I know because I had to check. Make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss a thing. Be safe everyone.