Darkblue Charters

Hello everyone and thanks for taking a moment to stop in and take a look around.  My name is Chris and I am the Captain of Darkblue Charters in beautiful Manistee Michigan.  I've been addicted to fishing since I was old enough to hold a fishing rod in my hands.  I remember spending hours standing along the shore with my trusty cane pole in hand and a can of worms by my feet.  Patiently waiting for my bobber to disappear under the waves so I could get my hands on that 8 inch bluegill. 

Times and fish have changed, but the passion hasn't. 

Now I've been chasing the mighty Lake Michigan king salmon for over twenty years and have been lucky enough to have learned the tricks of the trade from some of best and most experienced captains around this area.  Now I've taken all of those years of learning, and mistakes, and have put them into my own charter business and a salmon fishing YouTube channel, in which I'm lucky to be joined by my fishing partner, and one of my best friends, Jim. 

Jim and I started the channel with one thing in mind - help people become better salmon, trout and multi species anglers.  We'll show you the good, the bad and the outright ugly.  We all know that not everything always goes according to plans and fishing should never be a "made for TV" edit fest.  Or a constant infomercial targeted at getting you to open your wallets. 

But I'm sure along the way you will pick up a trick or two to help put a few more fish in the box. 

If you want to fish with us check out our charter's website listed here, and if you have a moment check out the channel.  Just search Tangled Tackle Fishing on YouTube.  And if you like what you see hit the subscribe button.  I promise I won't tell anyone. 

Good luck on the water everyone,