March 22nd Blog

March 22nd Blog

Date - 03-22-21

The time - 12:21 AM

What am I doing up this late?  I'm asking myself the same thing.  But the deeper I go down this rabbit hole of social media I've realized one thing.

You've got to put your hours in. 

There is no other way around it.  And please, do not take this as me complaining.  I could talk fishing all day, and some days I think I do.  And, if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. 

Enough dribble, let's get on to what you clicked on this for. 

For today's (tonight's) blog I want to let everyone know that our live fishing report that we do every Sunday night at 7pm on our YouTube channel (Tangled Tackle Fishing) has changed some gears and we are now adding in some elements that will hopefully take your angling to another level.  On some Sunday nights we will go over in depth certain topics that are designed to answer common questions.  For example on tonight's live report I covered early spring fishing tactics for kings, coho, lake trout and steelhead.  I'll plan on covering more topics like this in the future.  In essence it's a live seminar every weekend where you can ask questions in real time and get real answers. 

The easiest way to know when and what topics I'll be covering next is to subscribe to our channel and click the notification bell.  Then keep an eye out on our "community" page because that's where I'll be posting the topics for upcoming videos.  You can also leave a comment there if there are any specific questions that you would like covered. 

That's it for now.  Time to go get some sleep.  Be safe everyone.