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Berkley Choppo 120 Ghost Bluegill

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Roust 'em out in aggressive fashion with the tail-weighted Berkley® Choppo propbait. This noisy jointed topwater features a cupped propeller tail that never stops working, creating a significant wake and trail when worked quickly around cover and in open water. Even when worked at slower speeds, the Berkley Choppo's sizable chop-prop kicks up a major disturbance as it passes by; bass just can't hold back! Perfectly tuned to swim straight at all times. Equipped with super-sharp Fusion19™ treble hooks.

  • Noisy jointed topwater with a cupped propeller tail
  • Creates a significant wake and trail
  • Great as a high-speed search bait
  • Consistent action at all speeds
  • Pre-tuned straight swim
  • Super-sharp Fusion19 trebles