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Berkley FireLine Superline Fishing Line

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  • BERKLEY FIRELINE: This new and improved braided fishing line boasts a versatile combination of smooth operation, maximum durability, and sensitive handling.
  • 8-STRAND FUSED TECHNOLOGY: 5X tougher than conventional braided line, this Fireline formula provides unmatched abrasion resistance that won't let fish off the hook.
  • HIGH STRENGTH PER DIAMETER BRAIDED FISHING LINE: This fishing line braid offers a break strength of 6lb | 2.7kg. Braid Length: 1500yd | 1371m. The Crystal color is easy to see and track in the water.
  • REMARKABLY SMOOTH REELING: From the cast and back again, these 8-strand fishing braid lines are designed to glide through the reel with ease for enhanced maneuverability and longer casts.
  • WIDE RANGE OF BREAK STRENGTHS AVAILABLE, from 2 pounds to 30. Diameter of 0.006in | 0.15mm ensures exciting fights end well. Superline Mono Equiv: 2lb.