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Blood Run Plunger Float PL15G

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New for 2020 and now shipping.

The new solid balsa wood Plunger float is a cross between a Loafer and a Big Water float with a strong lean towards the Loafer profile.   

With a very tapered design below the water line for better tracking, but a larger above-water profile than a Loafer, ultimately results in better visibility float in low light conditions.   

Plungers are a solid tracking float with a shorter stem profile below the waterline as compared to the ultimate tracking float, the Loafer.

Plunger floats will track better overall than a Big Water while providing a decent amount of mass above the waterline to see the top of the float further away on long drifts.

Available in Titanium Grey color only, 6.2 grams through 30 gram size.