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Captain’s Pak® Manual Siderigger

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• The reinforced boom can be set straight back from the transom or turned out to either side of the boat to give a greater spread to your lure presentation.

• The Captain’s Pak® Manual Siderigger features an easy to use “One-Hand-Crank” clutch system. Just ease the crank handle back to let the ball descend or crank forward to retrieve.

• Smooth, adjustable, fiber pad clutch system.

• The 2, 3, or 4 foot sectional boom tips up and locks to make setting your fishing lines a snap.

• The Captain’s Pak® Manual Siderigger comes complete with a Multi-Set® rod holder, a swivel base, a footage counter, 200 feet of stainless steel cable, a 4 in. x 4 in. mounting plate (with mounting bolts), and line release.

• It is precision machined from “Aircraft Grade Aluminum”, and given a protective, anodized finish.

• To mount in the Big Jon track system, get one of our track pedestals, TKSTN2, TKSTN4, TKSTN6.