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Freedom Herring CutBait Trolling 3.5" Two Face Part 95101

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Conquer any fishing condition you may face while trolling with the Freedom Tackle Herring Cutbait! The Herring Cutbait lure is highly versatile and works great behind your cannonball, dipsy, or flasher to cover the entire water column with its tantalizing injured baitfish movement. Through-wire construction allows this hard bodied trolling lure to withstand the biting abuse of salmon, trout, or walleye. Comes with rigging in the form of a 50 lb. mono leader and a high speed multiple bearing swivel. With both a lifelike finish and UV coating (some feature glow paint), your silvery quarry will be tempted to strike hard when trolling with Freedom Tackle Herring Cutbait!

  • 300 lb. through-wire construction
  • Natural and glow finishes
  • Heavy-duty treble and siwash hooks
  • Heavy-duty split ring
  • Rigging included with a 50. lb. mono leader and a multiple bearing swivel
  • Qty. per Pack: 1