Orange Rooster Hackle Weighted Salmon Fly Sz6

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Brass Beads Chain Eyes Wet Salmon Fly Sz6

This new development of Wet Salmon fly in orange color is well constructed stimulator pattern. A versatile Salmon and Steelhead fly. The weighted bead Chain eyes give the fly great position and action in the water. Perfect for
both freshwater species and saltwater species.

Head: 140D Fly Tying Thread
Eyes: Brass Beads Chain Eyes
Hackle: Rooster Hackle Feather
Body: Red Synthetic Fibre
Tail: Orange Rooster Hackle Feather

Hook Features: Salmon Single Fly Hook,High Carbon Steel Hook,Up Turned Eye,2X Long Shank,Forged,1X Strength,Ultra Sharp Tip With Barb,Black Nickel Finished