Seaguar 101 TactX Braid and Fluoro Line Kit

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Use a Seaguar 101 TactX Braid and Fluoro Line Kit to get the perfect pairing of a braided mainline and leader. If you're one of the millions of anglers who are either fishing for the first time or getting reacquainted with the sport, then you'll like this. A Seaguar line kit simplifies the challenge of pairing up fluorocarbon to your braided mainline. The Seaguar 101 TactX Kit combines a 4-strand natural camo-colored braided line with five yards of fluorocarbon leader. Mainline and leader match strengths, taking away the guesswork out of your braid to fluoro connections. The round braided line minimizes wind knots and backlashes and provides for pinpoint long casts. Both line and leader are abrasion resistant with exceptional knot and tensile strength. The natural camouflage color in the braid reduces line visibility, and the fluorocarbon line is virtually invisible below the water's surface. Use the Seaguar 101 TactX Kit for a covert approach to pressured and finicky fish! Remove the guesswork out of matching braid and fluoro connections. Simplify this challenge with user-friendly, budget-friendly Seaguar 101 TactX Braid and Fluoro Line Kits.

  • Take the guesswork out of your braid to fluoro connections with matching combinations of braid mainline and fluoro leader
  • 4-strand natural camo-colored braid delivers precise, long casts
  • 5-yard included fluorocarbon leader is virtually invisible under the surface
  • Exceptional knot and tensile strength for your favorite setups
  • Qty. per Pack: 1 ea. of braided mainline and matching fluorocarbon leader

Test Diameter Mono Equivalent 5 yd. Leader Test
10 lb. 0.008 in. 3 lb. 6 lb.
15 lb. 0.009 in. 6 lb. 8 lb.
20 lb. 0.010 in. 7 lb. 10 lb.
30 lb. 0.011 in. 8 lb. 12 lb.
40 lb. 0.012 in. 10 lb. 15 lb.
50 lb. 0.014 in. 12 lb. 20 lb.
65 lb. 0.015 in. 14 lb. 20 lb.
80 lb. 0.017 in. 17 lb. 25 lb.