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TroutBeads 12 mm

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TroutBeads are a proven lure and are a great choice for any situation where you would fish an egg imitation, single egg, or spawn sack. TroutBeads are durable plastic beads in naturally attractive colors and sizes for your trout bead rig or steelhead bead setup. These trout beads for steelhead, salmon, and trout have a neutral buoyancy, which mimics natural fish eggs and makes TroutBeads fishing beads for trout so effective. By re-creating the true colors and size of the fish eggs found drifting in your local waters with TroutBeads, you can match the loose eggs that fish look for when seeking only single eggs, especially during the spawning period. Spawning seasons are the best time to go bead fishing for trout, steelhead, and salmon!


A bead fishing setup for steelhead is a simple process and extremely productive when matching TroutBeads to the eggs you find drifting in the rivers and tributaries. The angler places a bead on the line or tippet and then attaches a hook (sizes 6 - 12 are recommended) to the line. The bead can either be fished free floating or "pegged" to the line one to two inches above the hook with a round toothpick or similar item, like TroutBeads Peggz (sold separately). Present the trout fishing beads just like any other egg imitation dead drifted alone or under a float or strike indicator. Use just enough weight to get the bead to the bottom, but not so much that you compromise the drift. TroutBeads are also perfect Glo Bug alternatives as fly fishing beads. TroutBeads large attractor colors are also choice beads for walleye and bass anglers who like to build their own crawler harnesses, trolling flies, and spin-n-glo rigs.


  • Neutrally buoyant trout bead fishing eggs
  • Sizes and colors that attract salmon, steelhead, and trout
  • Essential for a steelhead bead setup
  • Larger beads in attractor colors are perfect for build-your-own walleye and bass crawler harnesses, trolling flies, and spin-n-glo rigs


TroutBeads are made in the U.S.A.